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◆ 분류 검색 도움말 ◆
1. 하위 분류 연관 검색 / 하위 분류별 독립 검색
1) 하위 분류 연관 검색을 선택 : 2개 이상의 분류를 선택하면 각 분류의 정보를 전부 포함한 게시물만 검색
ex) [부위/장기] 선택 + [공통대분류] 선택 후 검색 = 선택한 [부위/장기] 분류와 [공통대분류] 분류가 모두 포함된 게시물 검색
2) 하위 분류별 독립 검색을 선택 : 선택한 분류 정보를 하나 이상 포함한 게시물 검색
ex) [부위/장기] 선택 + [공통대분류] 선택 후 검색 = [부위/장기] 분류가 포함되었거나 [공통대분류] 분류가 포함된 게시물 검색
2. 포함 검색 / 개별 검색
1) 포함 검색을 선택 : 분류 내에서 2개 이상의 항목을 선택하면 각 항목의 정보를 전부 포함한 게시물만 검색
ex) [Lung] 선택 + [Airway] 선택 후 검색 = 선택한 [Lung] 항목과 [Airway] 항목이 모두 포함된 게시물 검색
2) 개별 검색을 선택 : 분류 내에서 선택한 항목 정보를 하나 이상 포함한 게시물 검색
ex) [Lung] 선택 + [Airway] 선택 후 검색 = [Lung] 항목이 포함되었거나 [Airway] 항목이 포함된 게시물 검색
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Forensic imaging with CT and CTA: standing on the edge of a new frontier?
Heon Lee
English - 00:18:00
Physiology and clinical impact of myocardial perfusion
Jongmin Lee
English - 00:20:30
Myocardial perfusion: clinical experience and applications
Hajime Sakuma
English - 00:20:19
CT FFR: comparison with perfusion CT
Jin Hur
English - 00:17:22
Dual phase cardiac CT for myocardial viability
Ming-Ting Wu
English - 00:22:44
Gallbladder cancer: early diagnosis focused
Soo Jin Kim
English - 00:31:04
Pseudotumors of the pancreas: role of imaging
Valerie Vilgrain
English - 00:24:57
Groove pancreatitis
Valerie Vilgrain
English - 00:14:56
Cerebral vasculatures other than perforators and its clinical implication
Woong Yoon
English - 00:24:29
Infratentorial arteries (vertebral artery to basilar trunk) and clinical implication
Hong Gee Roh
English - 00:23:32
Update imaging of brain tumor
Andrea Falini
English - 00:33:52
New emerging technologies in benign prostate hyperplasia
Sang Chul Lee
English - 00:17:08
Prostate artery embolization: indication and results
Jafar Golzarian
English - 00:40:50
What we have learned from the national lung screening trial
Chi Wan Koo
English - 00:17:14
Screening in the US after the NLST
Myrna Godoy
English - 00:23:55
Role of CAD: detection and measurement
Jin Mo Goo
English - 00:27:20
30 years of intervention: from the mind to the global stent market
Ho-Young Song
English - 00:32:29
Pulmonary vasculitis
Yoon Kyung Kim
English - 00:17:32
Incidental cardiac findings on routine chest CT
Eun Ju Chun
English - 00:17:06
Tae Jin Yun
English - 00:27:35
Reduction of iodine dose for the hepatic CT: theoretics of contrast material and clinical application
Satoshi Goshima
English - 00:15:02
CT gastrography
Jin Woong Kim
English - 00:16:32
Myocardial mapping: where we are and what is new
Tim Leiner
English - 00:32:37
The role of myocardial mapping in cardiomyopathy
Tae Hoon Kim
English - 00:25:16
New ATS-ERS consensus classification of IIPs: UIPs and NSIPs
Kyung Soo Lee
English - 00:26:59
Thoracic applications of MRI in oncologic imaging
Julien Dinkel
English - 00:26:25
CT-guided lung biopsy and nodule localization
Yeun-Chung Chang
English - 00:26:52
Management of central vein stenosis or occlusion
Seung Boo Yang
English - 00:16:43
Update on hemodialysis access intervention: drug eluting balloon
M. Reza Rajebi
English - 00:22:20
Update on HD intervention: stent-graft
M. Reza Rajebi
English - 00:14:45
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